Dr Gilbert

 Dr Masego Gilbert - Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University

Dr Masego Gilbert earned an MSc Global Health from University of Manchester, an Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from University of West Indies, School of Medicine, and a Post Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management from Colleges of Medicine of South Africa.

Dr Gilbert has more than 12 years’ experience in leadership positions and medical education. She is Hubert Humphrey Fellow for 2019-2020, at Emory University on Health Policy and Management. She completed her internship and started working at Princess Marina Hospital as a Medical Doctor for 3 years. She left public service to join Botswana Red Cross Society under Refugee Health and Psychosocial Support for 5 years as the HIV/AIDS Clinical Services Project Director. In 2016 she moved to FHI360 as a Senior Technical Advisor for Clinical Services, an international non-governmental organization, working on increasing healthcare access for key populations highly affected by HIV and addressing structural barriers to accessing health. Working with vulnerable and marginalized populations ignited her passion to work with government, donor communities, and civil society organizations to improve healthcare access to key populations and impoverished communities. Dr Gilbert is a champion of continuous medical education, took on the additional role of Internship Coordinator, overseeing medical interns and their weekly lectures and a trained Trainer of Trainees for BEST trauma training for the hospital Critical care team. She lectured at an Institute of Health Sciences, teaching the Family Nurse Practitioner program. Currently, she provides technical assistance to Ministry of Health and Wellness on Health (MoHW) on Key populations Health, conducting in-service training on Key population sensitization and Clinical Competency for healthcare workers, and developing of clinical guidelines for HIV care.  Dr Gilbert is also active in Research and has published several abstracts and articles on differentiated service delivery models for improving HIV Care services and healthcare access for all.  She is part of a global movement Girls for Girls, where women in leadership provide mentorship and empowers young women to run for public office.


Dr Tapiwa Eugenia Muhamba (MBCHB, Masters of Business Admistration)

Co-Innovator  MyCpdZw and CEO of the Zimbabwe Telemedicine network. Dr Muhamba qualified as a Medical Doctor from the University of Zimbabwe where she graduated in 2018. After graduation, Dr Muhamba served as a medical doctor and senior resident medical officer at United Bulawayo Hospital. She has a deep interest in Occupational Health Sciences and Telemedicine. Dr Muhamba developed an interest in Occupational health during her days in medical school where along with colleagues she launched a first aid training program for corporates.  Dr Muhamba was the 2019 recipient of the Women in Africa Award for Zimbabwe, awarded for her outstanding and innovative leadership. Eugenia completed a Master’s in Business Administration in 2021. She is currently based in Cape Town South Africa where she is pursuing postgraduate studies in Occupational Health at the University of Stellenbosch.


Dr Admore Jokwiro – (MBCHB)Public Health Informatics Fellow, Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

Admore Jokwiro is currently undertaking a Public Health Informatics Fellowship with Centre for Disease Control (CDC) USA. Admore is also a medical doctor and health informatics specialist with over 10 years working experience, including as District Superintendent of Nyanga District Hospital, Zimbabwe. In 2015 he pioneered synchronous Telepresence Telemedicine in rural Zimbabwe. He has also led the design and development of several applications (Clinical decision support, learning management system and health information) in the health sector in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Australia. In 2018 he co-founded the MyCpdZw application with his brother, Yangama. Dr Jokwiro is a Hubert H Humphrey Fellow and completed his Humphrey Fellowship in Technology Policy and Management at Emory University in 2020 in Atlanta, USA.  Admore knows firsthand how much ongoing professional development is needed for health professionals in extreme adversity.


Dr Edward Zimbudzi (RN, MSc. International Health, PhD) - Nurse Unit Manager, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI)

Dr Edward Zimbudzi is currently an adjunct research fellow at Monash University. Dr Zimbudzi’s professional qualifications include a BSc Nursing (UZ), Master of International Health (Curtin University) and PhD (Monash University).

He has varied renal experience, which spans two continents, multiple health networks, and esteemed international and local institutions. He has held roles in administration, clinical research, and academia. Edward has received several prestigious national and international awards in recognition of the clinical and scientific impact of his research, which focuses on patient activation, self-management, and health-related quality of life among patients with comorbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Edward has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.


Dr Yvet Turugari  (MBCHB, Master’s in Health Informatics-Candidate)

Yvet is a health informatician who qualified as a medical doctor in 2018 from the University of Zimbabwe. Yvet has extensive experience in eHealth and is pursuing a Master’s in Health Informatics from Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Yvet has worked on several digital health projects in Zimbabwe such as the digital health strategy formulation, HIV and Care Treatment Project Macro-database and Covid-19 Surveillance. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and education and serves as a Research Editor at Polygeia Stockholm. Yvet strives to leave her mark in the world through her love for medicine and education. Yvet’s parent could not afford to send her to boarding school for her secondary education. Despite this, she was still able to achieve top results in her under-resourced local school. While a university student, Yvet founded the Neo Innovation Trust with a focus on wellness. Yvet says, “Knowing that people had not given up on me kept me going. My mantra is keep fighting for what you want, and that is what I do.”


Yangama Jokwiro – BSc Nursing Science, Masters of Physiology, Masters of Public Health, and Ph.D. Candidate

Yangama is a registered general nurse with over 19 years of nursing experience. Yangama was born in Zimbabwe and completed his nursing degree at the University of Zimbabwe. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings progressing to leadership roles in community nursing and acute care nursing. He has spent most of his clinical nursing in emergency departments. Yangama has always been passionate about capacity building and professional development starting his teaching career at the University of Zimbabwe while completing a Masters in Physiology. Over the last 6 years, Yangama has worked in Australia and at the University of La Trobe’s School of Rural Health (ranked #5 in the world on the UNSDG’s for Health and Wellbeing). He co-founded MyCpdZw with Dr Admore Jokwiro to improve continuous professional development in Zimbabwe. The application was a success, with more than 28000 professional nurses and adoption of the program by both the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe. Yangama brings expert knowledge and personal experience of nursing in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. He understands what nurses need to know to be effective and provide compassionate healthcare to reduce “stress of conscience”. This phenomenon drastically reduces the ability of nurses to provide effective care. Yangama is in the final stages of his PhD in nursing on the stress of conscience and its impact on providing quality care.

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