1.     How do I create an account on the guild?

  •  Go to https://www.nursesguild.africa
  •  Click on Login/Register
  •   Scroll down if you have not yet created an account and click on Create New Account (If you have already created one, go on Login then enter your details to log into your account)
  • Enter all the requested details correctly
  • If referred by an ambassador, enter their ambassador code during registration, if not enter 00 on the ambassador code
  • Make sure you enter your country code first on the Phone Number Field
  •   Click create an account after verifying all your details are correct
  • Go to your email to verify your account by clicking the link that will be sent to your email
  •   After verifying your email, try to attempt 1 free CPD activity to make sure your account is functional
  •   Once you do this you have successfully registered an account.



2.     I have forgotten my username or password.

·       Go to https://www.nursesguild.africa

·       Click on Login/Register

·       Enter your username OR email address

·       Click forgot password

·       Enter either username OR email address to search for your account then click search

·       Go to your email and open a link in your email to reset your password

·       You can then log in using your new password that you created

·       Once you log in with the new password, you have successfully changed your password


3.     I did not get a verification email to verify my account.

·       Refresh your email inbox to check for the link

·       Check your spam folder for the verification link

·       If the link is not in your email, send a request for the verification link to secretary@nursesguild.africa using your functional email address

·       You will receive a response together with a verification link

·       Verify your account by clicking the link you have received

·       Now you can login using your email and password, your account will be verified


4.     How do I pay for the courses?

·       Login to your account

·       Go on courses and select the course category you want to do

·       Click on the course you want to enroll in or pay for

·       Scroll down and enter coupon/discount code if available (Discount Code for July to December 2022 is ECSACON1)

·       Click on Apply Code to see the discounted final price then click buy now

·       Enter your card information details

·       Verify your details before you click Pay

·       Click Pay now and confirm your payment

·       Wait for the payment confirmation message on that page

·       Then you will be enrolled on the course (If for any reason you face challenges accessing the course after payment, DO NOT PAY AGAIN, contact our helpline for help)


5.     Considering my pay grade, will I be able to pay to complete the courses?

·       The Guild Learning Centre offers opportunities for nurses to be able to do courses at a discounted amount (enter coupon code to get the discount)

·       The Guild Learning Centre offers nurses who want to access courses an opportunity to apply for Scholarships for the different courses

·       The Guild Learning Centre offers nurses an opportunity to discuss a payment plan in the case that the nurse cannot pay the price in full.


6.     How do I apply for a scholarship?

·       Log in to your Guild account

·       Go on Member Areas

·       Click on Scholarships and Grants

·       Scroll down till you get to the application of scholarships and grants

·       Click the link that is available that will take you to the Scholarship application form

·       Click on apply for Scholarship https://nursesguild.africa/course/view.php?id=160

·       Click on the scholarship form and fill in all the details before you submit

·       After applying you will get a response within 4 weeks after scholarship application closes.


7.     How do I download the mobile application and download course content?

·       Go on Play store and search for the application Moodle

·       Download and install the application on your device and open

·       Select the learner option and enter your site name as www.nursesguild.africa

·       You can now log in to the site if you already have an account on the Guild

·       Click on Site home

·       Go to available courses and you will see a list of CPD courses, College Membership and Micro Credentialing courses

·       Choose the course that you want to download (the courses will be labelled either CPD, Membership OR Micro-credentialing)

·       If it’s a free CPD course, after choosing a course click on enroll me then you will be able to access the course

·       If its’ a paid membership course, on the right corner there is a box with an arrow facing upwards to the right, click that it will take you to the payment page

·       To download open the course and click on the top right button with an arrow inside

·       Once you do that your course materials will download and you will be able to access them offline on that Moodle application


8.     How do I assess my progress as a student?

·       Log in to your account

·       Click on the picture icon in your account

·       Select Dashboard and click on the dashboard

·       Scroll down to see the percentage completion of the different courses you accessed

·       Click on Performance Grades to see your performance


9.     How do I become an ECSACON member?

·       By taking up the membership courses bundle.

·       By paying the subscription for ECSACON


10.  How do I pay and enroll into a course on the mobile application?

·       Login to your account

·       Go on Site Home

·       Select Available Courses

·       Open the Course you want to enroll in

·       Click the right top arrow on the course

·       You will get a page to enter coupon code and apply it to see the final discounted price

·       Proceed by clicking buy now

·       Enter card details and click pay

·       Wait for the confirmation of payment to be send

·       Then you will be enrolled on the course (If for any reason you face challenges accessing the course after payment, DO NOT PAY AGAIN, contact our helpline for help)



11.  What is The Guild Learning Centre?

The Guild is the Official Learning Management Site for East, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON) which was developed with the aim of empowering nurses and midwives.

12.   What does The Guild Learning Centre Platform offer?

·       Continuous Professional Development

·       Short Courses (Membership and Micro credentialing courses)

·       Nursing Training Specialist Courses (Fellowships)

·       Webinars and Seminars

·       Scholarships

·       Research and Grants

·       Microfinancing Opportunities for Nurses

·       Competitions and Promotions



13.  What is the Membership course bundle?

·       Instead of doing the courses individually, there is a membership course bundle which has eight (8) courses selected by ECSACON.

·       Under the membership bundle, courses are cheaper since a nurse can do all 8 of them for $50 instead of paying a fee for them separately.

·       After completion of the Membership Course Bundle, a nurse becomes a member of the ECSACON.

·       If on scholarship, one needs to complete the membership courses within 6 months of getting a scholarship

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